Automation & Orchestration

 Engineering Consulting
Network Automation and Orchestration
 Reduce Cost and Improve Revenue

  • Address the challenge of reducing high operational costs that span over legacy, hybrid, and virtual services and infrastructure
  • Define interoperable solutions to drive scale, reduce costs, and create competitive edge
  • Transform from Manual Configuration to Automation and Orchestration based on data model-driven programmatic configuration for all service elements

Avoid custom coding and shift to carrying operations in real time without manual intervention for incredible ROI and OpEx savings

SAUGO 360 – Golden Configuration Manager

Align Operations with Business Objectives

  • SAUGO 360 Golden Configuration Manager is a CISCO-NSO based platform that provides a full network configuration life-cycle management
  • Extends CISCO-NSO functionalities with additional simplified provisioning, auditing and remediation
  • Granular Auditing and Remediation

Efficient Provisioning

Customized Standards and Rules

Flexible Validation Checks

Full Scale Remediation

Network Services Orchestrator (CISCO-NS)
 Automate and Simplify Operations

  • Provides comprehensive lifecycle automation to enable faster and easier design and high-quality services delivery
  • Transparent orchestration that spans multiple domains in the network and includes network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN) and the traditional physical network
  • Add, change, and delete services without disrupting overall service, and ensure that services are delivered in real time 

Achieve network agility

Deploy new services quickly

Streamline delivery of end-to-end services

Aligning to Business Objectives

Transforming Service Delivery

  • Drive down CapEx and OpEx: Automation and Orchestration combines all network elements across multiple data centers into a single, flexible resource pool
  • Automate services end-to-end: By describing both service-level intent and device-level configurations in the same YANG language. The network automatically configures all the devices
  • Accelerate multidevice, multivendor service offerings: Model and orchestrate both virtual and physical network elements from multiple vendors

Business Results

  • Add or change services, security policies, and resiliency as required. The solution allows for real-time configuration changes
  • SAUGO 360 can deploy the solution in minutes instead of weeks—and at a much lower cost
  • No need for large number of people to manually provision physical appliances. With automated provisioning, revenue generation becomes faster
  • Leveraging the combination of Cisco NSO as orchestrator and SAUGO 360, improvement of time-to-delivery by %70 and %85 reduction in man-hours